May 7, 2012

Angry Birds Can Play on Facebook Timeline

Thanks to the addition of features 'Share and Play', the enthusiast Angry Birds onFacebook can now play the game 'birds go ballistic' on social networking Timeline.

In a blog posting, the Angry Birds Rovio pembesut mention two features that not onlyallows the game is played in the Timeline embedded and Facebook but also on theblog or web page of the user.

"We are very excited to be one that delivers gameplay developer directly to feedFacebook, Tumblr, WordPress or any web page you want users to share and play AngryBirds with a friend," said Rovio.

Reported by GMA News, Monday (05/07/2012), to use the feature 'Share and Play'players have to play Angry Birds on Facebook and get a good score is marked by the acquisition of three stars or crowns and share them with friends.

Players can click 'Share' to post the level of achievement on Facebook Timeline orclicking on the 'Embed' to bring up the HTML code and link to include (embed) in your blog or website.

"Play Angry Birds levels directly in the Timeline, blog or web page. No need to install the application, just throw the birds," said Rovio.

Another source quoted by Mashable mentions, this feature also lets players challenge friends to beat their record.

2017, Tablet Android 'Gerogoti' iPad

IPad tablet on the market is indisputable superiority. Most of the currently availabletablet is definitely using the iPad. But it is not going to last for up to five years.

NPD research institute estimates that Apple's share in the tablet space will be reduced to 50% by 2017. While the Android-based devices and Windows will menggergotistarting in 2014.

NPD estimates that the overall tablet market will swell from 81.6 million units in 2011 to424.9 million units in 2017.

The report noted that worldwide tablet shipments will surpass the notebook in 2016driven by a series of feature enhancements, the diversity of operating systems and production capacity.

"So far the tablet into a relatively young product category, tablet PC market has beendominated by Apple and are likely to include a number of similar competing productsconfigured for the iPad," said NPD analyst Richard Shim, who quoted from AppleInsider, Sunday (6/5 / 2012).

"However, because competitors iPad better adapt to consumer preferences and findopportunities to break new ground, we expect the landscape to change dramatically,giving consumers more choices, which will drive demand for more devices," he added.

NPD estimates that Apple's share will be in the range of 72.1% in 2012 to 50.9% in 2017. While Android and Windows will grow from 22.5% to 40.5% and 1.5% to 7.5%

7 Tips on Diretweet Let Tweet

Chirp passing on Twitter has so many. So, how do you see people that tweet for later diretweet and given a response? These 7 tips for short compiled from various sources:
A. SpaceTry not to be too long to tweet to maximize the number of characters provided. But leave a space about 18-20 characters respond to your followers.
Remember, time is money, lots of tweeps who are reluctant to waste time to eliminate or shorten the tweet that you created just to give a response. So make it easy to tweet their duties efficiently.
2. ContentThrow a weighted chirp, do not just simply spam. Related topics can be appointed a refreshing quotes, humor, questions, brilliant ideas, news updates, latest technology, social media phenomenon, or provide links to interesting content.
3. ConsistencyConsistently been one of the challenges tweeps. Sometimes the chirp-chirp spread often interesting, sometimes also disappear from circulation.
4. Ethics'Tweetmu harimaumu'. Do not just throw chirp, especially pertaining to a party to the frontal. Etikamu show in the universe of social media, it is actually very important to maintain good relations to other Twitter community.
Ethics here also not only be polite. But also related issues forced the entire follower asks for your meretweet chirp. Sekalipun is needed, ask a few people.
5. UniqueTwitter users are certainly a lot of singing. So, like what would be the norm. Certainly is unique! The uniqueness here could mean the content presented or style of language used.
6. ProximityHave proximity to a buzzer or they are so popular in Twitter also has its own benefits. In short, he can be 'called upon' to ride fame.
7. ReciprocalDo not just want diretweet, you would also have to do the same to you follow. Retweet is a well-weighted chirp, and it would be great also accompanied by a response. But remember, do not also so spammers with meretweet too far.

4 Ethics play Instagram

It did not take long for Instagram to attract millions of new users. Recent reports, the company recently acquired $ 1 billion, Facebook has just recorded a milestone in the 50million users.

This figure is a sharp shot, given in late April 2012, the number of registered users 'new' 40 million. Sure, its presence in Android also contributed many new users are.

Well, for the newbie who just jump on this popular photo app, it's worth listeningberinstagram following ethics, which are summarized from several sources. This ethicshould be done so as not to disturb other Instagram users and to be IG-er you are worthy to follow.

A. Do not overwhelm the photo feed
In Instagram, quality is more important than quantity. Do not flood the feed to post photostaken from the same scene.

Choose just one photo stand out and use a filter that matches the following interestingcaption. Avoid flooding!

2. Do not often 'narcissistic'
Uploading photos themselves can still be tolerated, provided this is done sometimesaka not too often. If you want to upload a self-snap, just use Facebook.

3. Create a conversation
Although Instagram basicnya is a photo application, but that does not mean you shut yourself from the conversation. When there is a comment on photos, reply with a positiveresponse. Follower you will feel appreciated with the responses you give.

4. Be creative with a camera phone, not a DSLR
The existence of Instagram actually lead to more candid moment, composition, and a charming cast filter the captured image to the phone.

So, upload photos Instagram previously taken with the camera 'serious' like a DSLR, it is not recommended. Be creative with a camera phone you have.