Feb 16, 2010

Register Website Or Blog On The Google

I created this article because when I type the above sentence at Google, I did not find a satisfactory answer. All the websites that appear are sites that teach you how to set to feature Google AdSense into your website / blog us. Google's AdSense is an ad we placed our site for free. So if someone came into our site and clicks on AdSense ads, and our transaction will also get the money from Google for free.

But for beginner blogger like me, AdSense is still diawang the air because it's almost impossible for the moment Google's going to approve his AdSense on my blog. I do not need AdSense, but is HOW TO SITE / BLOG WE ARE IN THE DATABASE AND readable powerful Google search engine so people can easily find your site / blog us on Google.

After trying myself, I finally found a way, namely:
By default, all providers blogs (WordPress, Blogspot, Multiply, TypePad, etc.) have to set to our blog to be readable by search engines. But for wordpress, the first way is to go into your account and type the following address http://xxx (your username) .wordpress.com / wp-admin / options-privacy.php. And check the blog's visibility option: I would like this blog ... looks dimesin search and click Update Options. Done
To more accurately, we can directly register your site / blog us to Google by going to google with http://www.google.com/intl/en/submit_content.html site, click the menu Add your URL to Google's index. And please write the URL of the site / your blog. After that click menu Add URL. Done, your site has been entered into the Google database.
Google usually take up less than 1 month (relative) to index our URL to go to the Google database. So klo our blog or site not in Google's attempt a few days later.
Above methods is the way registration is technically, and because the Google search engine using specialized search techniques is another way that our site Google is quickly recognized

1. Always update the articles or news on your site / blog.
2. Wherever possible links multiply site / blog us into the site / blog someone who has known. Thus we find an opportunity by the search engines is also increasing.
3. Create unique articles and different from others. Because for example, when we want to write an article AdSense (lots of articles written most bloggers) is because of the AdSense articles that have been made by senior blogger so Google will automatically sort the blogs of our most recent diurutan under site / blog is more popular.
4. Create a specific article. If you want to discuss about the scholarship, why not replace just the title with a free college scholarships, but the content remains. That's because keyword "SCHOLARSHIP" has been widely used than "FREE COLLEGE".
5. Use WordPress and Blogspot blogs because both these providers use the URL that is Google Friendly URL intention is composed of words rather than a combination of letters and numbers. Example: http://dionbarus.wordpress.com/2008/12/29/gejala-gejala-kecanduan-internet/. Try to compare it with the following URL http://www.stikescharitas.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=20&Itemid=63. Of course Google would be easier to read my blog than stikescharitas.

Happy blogging.

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