Feb 18, 2010

Configuration Sitemap

What is Sitemap?

I call myself confused sitemap terms in language that is easy on the understanding, may be more obvious if I say a sitemap or a form of navigation maps on the blog that aims to facilitate visitors to see the contents of a web / blog.

Practically sitemap is the address of a navigation map blog / web.

Lessons Blog Why not put a sitemap?

Because for me personally, a sitemap will look like the Table of Contents on the Blog.
Until here, about the existing shadow khan? Like what and how a sitemap.
Advantages of using Sitemap..

Many will we get from the sitemap on the blog, among others:

  • Facilitate visitors in finding an article
  • Some of the steps SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Blog / Web will look more tidy, etc..
Site Map itself can actually make yourself manually, for those of you who already know a little coding, you can read the study guide to make sitemap on blog.re.or.id, titled "SEO - Creating a Sitemap Own (2) '.

But if you do not want the trouble of making a sitemap, there are 2 practical ways in making this site map.

Create Instant Step Sitemap

There were an easier way to learn to make maps of this site, among other things, if you have a Google account user can take advantage by Google Webmaster Tools.
Or you can choose an alternative from the site sitemap provider.

SiteMap with Google Webmaster

Google Accounts for users and use Blogger, of course familiar, the term Google Webmaster Tools.
Google Webmaster secret behind this, is a key to optimizing a site, either from Meta, Robots, Analysis blog, and one of them 'SiteMap'.

Previously, on your site feed address list, for example;


More details how to follow these steps:

Go to the 'Dashboard', Select 'Settings' and select 'Site Feed'.
Then on the 'Post Feed URL Change of Direction', you insert Feeds URL like the example above.
Then Save.
Well, to make him a sitemap, you can follow the steps below:

Since Google's Webmaster is the 'renovation', we adjust using a new way.

Make sure the Blog / Web you have been verified
  1. Visit www.google.com / webmasters / tools
  2. If you do not have account, select 'Sign Up'
  3. Once entered click 'Add Site', then insert your blog address you want to make SiteMap
  4. Click on 'Site Configuration', at top left
  5. Click 'Site Map'
  6. Click the Submit a Sitemap
  7. You can write the address like this below, in the empty field.
    • feeds / posts / default
    • atom.xml? redirect = false & start-index = 1 & max-results = 100
    • atom.xml? redirect = false
  8. Choose one, or you can use the four-four
  9. Then press the Submit button Sitemap
After that, if there is an image-hour, meaning you succeed Sitemap and still in the process.
Sample Lessons Blog sitemap which has created, you can see here.

Taking advantage of the site kB

A more practical way, to create a sitemap, without having a list you can visit the site-www.xml sitemaps.com
To move, you can follow the way below:

Sign-sitemaps.com www.xml site
Fill in your address, the column Starting Url
Change frequency on the selection, Last modification, you fill None Priority ajach ya .. : D
Then click the Start button
After that will come out writing
'Please wait. Sitemap generation in progress ... '
Wait, and Done.

COpy by: sory lupa di web mana gw copy nya..maaf ya..

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