Feb 19, 2010

Women mustache hard Got Kids?

Women with symptoms of a mustache on her upper lip combined with menstrual cycle irregularities should be careful because it was a sign of possible trouble having children.

"Women who had a mustache, bushy hair and irregular menstrual cycles are characteristics of women with polycystic ovary disease Syndrome. The disease usually causes disturbed female reproduction and ultimately hard to have children" said Dr. Hendro Sudarpo, SpOG from Siloam Hospital, Jakarta, Friday (19/2/2010).

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a disease in women caused by hormonal imbalance. Women who have this disease will usually have a menstrual cycle is irregular, the growth of fine hairs and hard to have kids.

If not immediately treated, PCOS can cause health problems such as diabetes and heart disease. PCOS occurs in 1 in 15 women and symptoms usually appear as a teenager.

Usually women who suffer from PCOS have a dense fur and a little hair in the mouth that looks like a mustache. This is because the ovaries produce male hormones (androgens) that women with this disease often called hiperandrogen.

Excess male hormones that cause ovulation cycle stops, often spotty and hair growth was normal in the face and body.

Women with PCOS are also generally large body weight or fat, but thin people can also experience it. Fat people tend to have an issue with insulin or insulin resistance which increases the possibility of diabetes.

As quoted from Webmed, some symptoms of PCOS include:
Weight gain and trouble losing weight.
There is fine hair or hair that grows in the face, chest, stomach or back.
There is a thin hair in the forehead.
Have a menstrual cycle irregular menstrual bleeding and is usually only 9 times in a year or less.
Fertility problems, usually women with PCOS have trouble conceiving and children (infertile).
Often feel depressed.

Ovaries of women with PCOS are generally overgrown with small cysts, cysts in large quantities, that's why this disease called polycystic ovary syndrome, which means many cysts in the ovary.

The cause of PCOS is a hormonal imbalance that usually runs in families. So if the mother, grandmother, or other relatives have a history of this disease, you probably will have it.

Regular exercise, nutritious food consumption and weight control is the key to dealing with PCOS disease. Drugs that can balance the hormones can also be used to reduce the symptoms of PCOS. Doctors usually prescribe a controller medicine and pregnancy diabetes medication for PCOS sufferers.

"Pill and diabetes medicines containing anti-androgen compounds that can reduce the excess of male hormones in PCOS patients," said Dr Hendro.

Drug regulator pregnancy (birth control pills) would reduce the growth of hair in those parts of the unwanted and the diabetes drug (metformin) would prevent the occurrence of diabetes and streamline the menstrual cycle. For those who want to quickly get pregnant and have children can have fertility enhancing drugs.

One of the symptoms that ruin the appearance of women with PCOS is the growth of fine hairs on certain areas. But not to worry, for that matter can be overcome with waxing, shaving, plucking, laser or using a cream that inhibits hair growth.

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