Mar 30, 2010

Hack Username And Password All Aplication

Actually it was kind of keylogger software used to monitor the activities of a computer keyboard, each key on the press by the user then all records will be stored with a keylogger.

Make ordinary parents monitor their child was her who was browsing with how to install the keylogger on the computer, so all sites in the "search" by the child will be recorded by a keylogger. so that all the porn sites could be smelled immediately caught by the old man.

His usual keylogger will detect the virus in the "antivirus", because it could be a keylogger 2 blades that can secure and can also be

His intent is deadly, keylogger could be used by people who are not responsible for hacking, many people want to try to hack the social networking sites like facebook and friendster.

So stay on the computer and then installed on the computer will be recorded all his activities, including activities include "password and username" facebook and friendster. this could be done by the cafe owner who idle and is not responsible, or could have been done by the user with a computer before how to turn off antivirus functions of his first and then install the keylogger.

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