Mar 31, 2011

Android 0.3 LiveCD ( New OS By Google )

Want attempting Google Android, but does not feel like buying G1/G2/G3 T-Mobile? LiveAndroid lets you download the LiveCD disc image from Google's Android operating system. Just burn photos to disc, stick it in the CD-ROM drive, and reboot your computer and you can see Android without installing or affect any files on your PC.

* OpenDNS ditambahkan
* Audio Dukungan
o VirtualBox - Intel 8x0 AC97
o VMware - AudioPCI Ensoniq 1371/1373
* SD card support (512M)
* Ethernet (DHCP)
* Mouse wheel
* resolusi tinggi dukungan (800 * 600, 1024 * 768)
* Apps ditambahkan
o Software Direktori
o AndroidVNC
o PilotLines, Races Craigs, Super Mario
* lebih driver kartu bersih ditambahkan
o Amd pcnet32 PCI
o Broadcom 440x/47xx
o CS89x0
o Intel PRO/100 +
o NE2000/NE1000
o Realtek RTL-8129/8130/8139

Download Part 1, Part 2

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