Apr 20, 2011

Bask Can Reduce snoring Sleep

Clermont-Ferrand, Many benefits can be obtained from hobby bask in the sun in the morning. Sunlight is needed in the process of formation of vitamin D, which is not only good for the skin and bone but also can reduce snoring during sleep.

Researchers from University Hospital in Clermont-Ferrand, France believes human muscles also need vitamin D to be working optimally. No exception breathing muscles, which weakened in people with sleep disorders like snoring.

The weakening of respiratory muscles constrict making the air cavity that vibrates when it passed through the air. Vibrations that cause snoring sound, which not only disrupt the sleep partner, but also dangerous because it can trigger stop breathing up to 400 times a night.

Obesity has been touted as one of the factors triggering the snores, though the real cause is unknown. The weakening of the muscles around the throat is another cause which is expected to be addressed through the provision of supplemental vitamin D.

Sunlight is not a source of vitamin D, so it does not provide direct benefits in addressing snoring. But sunlight is needed in the process of formation of vitamin D, which is processed from provitamin D in the daily diet.

Some foods that are the main source of vitamin D and provitamin D include salmon, spinach, soybeans and orange juice. Milk and other dairy products like cheese and yogurt are also included major source of vitamin D are easily found everyday.

To prove the benefits of vitamin D for muscle, researchers currently carrying out clinical trials on 80 patients with symptoms of frequent snoring. For approximately 32 days, some patients will be given supplements of vitamin D and some others given a placebo.

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