May 31, 2011

7 Complaints Frequently Experienced Drivers

Now the wheel has become an activity carried out daily by the community. But this activity can lead to some complaints in some parts of the body of the driver. Any complaints that?

Complaints that appear usually occurs when a person is driving for long distances or every day driving with the wrong position, causing pain or pain in some parts of the body.

Some complaints are often attacked the driver, as quoted from Lifemojo, Tuesday (31/05/2011), namely:

1 Back and waist pain
2 Pain in the neck and shoulders
3 Repetitive stress injury, usually occurring on truck drivers who drive long distance to feel pain in the shoulder, elbow and wrist.
4 Cramps in the lower leg
5 Poor posture
6 The existence of tension in the hamstrings
7 Poor blood circulation in the legs

This condition is usually caused by sitting too long and not get good support from the spine, posture, driving the wrong, doing the same movements over and over again in 1 minute and a tire vibration that affects the muscles.

Uneven roads or bumps can cause vibration of the vehicle that affect the spine. If your posture is not correct, then this vibration can cause injury.

Long-term exposure can cause the disc herniation (pads between the vertebrae pushed out the normal position which causes irritation to the spinal cord).

To prevent the pain that comes from driving, there are several things you can do include applying ergonomic system that is:

Start by adjusting the seat and posture, thighs should be comfortable position supported by the seat and knees should be slightly bent
Do not sit too far away from the pedal. If the foot stretched while driving will increase the pressure on the lumbar spine and stress on the neck, shoulder and wrist.
The back seat is tilted between 100-110 degrees from the feet to reduce the additional pressure on the spinal plate.
Avoid bending while driving and when driving for a long time or suffer from back pain, use a buffer lumbar spine to provide support.
Leg and pelvis should have enough room to move and change position without disturbing the activities of driving.
Do not sit well with the pocket filled by the wallet, mobile phone or other content. This can injure the soft tissues, reducing circulation and pressed nerve that leads to the back and leg pain.
Try a short break every 2 hours trip, out of the car and stretch the entire body especially the back and arms.

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