May 31, 2011

Amazing Pizza Tipker from Porta Venezia

Confused looking Italian restaurant with authentic cuisine in Jakarta? Porta Venezia is one of the addresses that must be tried. Even if you just want tipker pizza (thin-dried) as popular in Venice there, this restaurant will give you satisfaction.

Even including Ristorante category (above pizzeria and a more casual Trattoria), Porta Venezia pizza priced at reasonable, between USD 60-90 thousand. This is the place to try authentic pizza margarita. This simple pizza - just tomatoes, basil, and mozzarella cheese, red-white-green flag of Italy - is one of the pride of the Italians. Though simple, but it should really tasty. AOP-like pasta (aglio-olio-Peperoncino) which is also simple but not cheap.

Another pizza should taste here is: salmone, frutti in mare (seafood), Pollo picante (spicy chicken), and Gorgonzola Bianco. The latter is not recommended for those who do not like cheese-flavored and sharp flavor. Want a healthy pizza? Try pizza rucola.

As a full-service restaurant, of course Porta Venezia have complete menu ranging from antipasti (appetizers), primi piatti (pasta, risotto, salad), and secondi piatti (main courses).

In the row of antipasti, my recommendation is: carpaccio in manzo (USD 65 thousand, with truffle oil), and the crostini con zupetta in vongole (clam chowder, USD 48 thousand).

For primo (USD 75-105 thousand), I will not miss the spaghetti nero cooked with black squid ink, or risotto chicken and four kinds of cheese. For me, spaghetti nero his mother nyuss. However, if you have never eaten this dish before, do not necessarily trust my recommendations. This black spaghetti acquired taste indeed need to be liked. Almost the same as spaghetti pesto which I like, but most of my friends do not like it.

Because of his primo already filling, main course it must select a minor. For example, scalopini in vitello - thin slices of veal (USD 175 thousand). The meat is tender and soft, creamy with a savory sauce. This portion is served with mashed potatoes. However, if you had enough, you should tell the waiter for potatoes in exchange for vegetables only. Or, conversely, primo its non-carb, but a salad.

Porta Venezia is one of the best Italian restaurant in Jakarta, which has received some special awards. If until now you've never tried it, now is the time to try. Funny thing, though Porta Venezia already had a reputation as a restaurant serving Italian cuisine, but in the menu list is also read a variety of Asian menu for guests who do not like European cuisine. So, if your tongue is still more suited to the tom yam kung, soto madura, or Hainan chicken rice, Porta Venezia can serve.

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