Jun 21, 2011

Angry bird will be unrivaled by Monstruction

After the fun Binjai, the team behind Molecube informed us a few weeks of their next creation, another puzzle game. But Molecube push the concept of a puzzle a step further by adding an additional challenge ...

Monstruction is a building game where you must place the pieces in order to obtain the form requested. Simple little puzzle you say? Well, after doing your masterpiece, one of three monster shows up and tries to drop your building! A panda who sings opera, a fish that eats and drops crumbs everywhere and finally a kind of grumpy old man that kicks cane your work!

One of the three monster shows up at all levels and you can tilt your device to help keep your building! After 8 or 9 levels of difficulty increases and you learn new construction techniques.
Binjai that already had a very nice design, I must say that David and Philip were exceeded! I find that the graphics have a little something Tiny Wings and the music of Simon is just as good! When will the ringing phone? Monstruction, Quebec new game!

99 cents for a small number of hours of fun, go for it! Especially if you try to do all the achievements! I'm sure this game will succeed to shoulder Angry Tiny Birds and Wings!

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