Jun 16, 2011

Google Help Users jaim with 'Me on the Web'

Aka jaim keep images on the internet is fine. Especially if jaim bring profits to you, there is no harm in it? Well, now there is a new tool from Google that will help users monitor his reputation on the internet.

The new application called 'Me on the Web' is intended for those interested in finding out the online reference about their names and other personal information that may be false, inaccurate or even libelous.

Specifically, Me on the Web simplify the Google Alerts, which features Google provides notification when the Google search engine to find specific terms on the internet via email, Me on the Web too. This application will inform you via email when finding information relating to the name of the user.

"Me on the Web also provides links to sources of information that tells how to control what is posted about your third-party applications on the Internet," wrote Google product manager, Andreas Tuerk on the Google blog.

Quoted from PC World, Thursday (16/06/2011), to use the Me on the Web, users must first have a Google account. This application will appear in the 'Dashboard' in your Google account.

The presence of Me on the Web inspired by the rise of social media mentions someone's name and information in the online realm. This information is often used for certain purposes. For example, it is common a company looking for applicants information that will be recruited over the internet. The information found can be wrong and ultimately detrimental to the applicant. So, with Me on the Web, Google helps protect your reputation.

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