Jun 21, 2011

How to embrace his or her partner?

Do not confuse the art of kissing and mouth to mouth! Mouth to mouth has revived many people, and the kiss has led many desires, but neither one nor the other are comparable in "tech"!

For over 25 years I assure sexology consultations, I am always surprised by the large number of questions whose answers seemed obvious, and not have to require an explanation of "technical", including this one: how to kiss his or her partner?

This type of questions is more often on the Net in consultation, as these questions can be asked anonymously. The risk that this article may seem ridiculous to some, here are some tips on the art of kissing on the mouth which may be useful to some young, they ask me for advice!

The Kiss plays a very important role in love life, and many men and women even say they are just as exciting as the caresses and often decisive, before going further in the sexual act. Many women have told me they could not consider sleeping with a partner who kissed or caressed bad!

The art of kissing could lead to dozens of pages written, but without going that far, here's what I think is important to know and mistakes to avoid.

In the art of kissing, three concepts are essential: the tempo (or pace), the delicacy or the strength with which you embrace your partner, and finally the duration of the kiss. In fact these three parameters are combined together, as it seems to me more useful to consider them in a temporal progression from first kiss to the sexual act itself.

Always start with little kisses, gentle, delicate and somewhat supported. These will be made with closed mouth kisses, lips lip, without haste, trying to dominate the emotion they give you.

Next responsiveness or partner, then you will spend a period a little more sensual lips, slightly open, sucking or vacuum slightly below the upper lip or your partner between your lips, which will be more good on full lips. Learn to taste the lips of your partner by mastering your emotions and your excitement.

If you feel in harmony with your partner, you can then press a little more your kisses, lengthen, half-open mouth to play with your language, always gently and with sensitivity.

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