Jun 23, 2011

This He FIFA Manager 12 New Features

Electronic Arts began openly about FIFA Manager 12 game systems. That said, there are about 700 enhanced features of previous series.

FIFA Manager 12 true built with the same game engine with the previous series, the more perfect it's just EA. Visually looks better, Artificial intelligence (AI) which is smarter and more interesting character animation.

In this game players can also evaluate his players by giving some tests in the form of questions or other, before gamers do transfers.

Transfer not only affects the team, but also to the sponsors. If either sell the player, so the sponsors could even escape. FIFA Manager 12 is the first game series that allows the club activities affect the performance of the club itself.

During the process pengembanganya, EA always receive feedback from his fans. And of all suggestions received, this is the most feature requests are granted by the EA and quoted from Segmentext, Thursday (06/23/2011).

- There is a progress display players
- Applications hosting the European championships
- Players can permanently lose the moral level
- Can build a stadium
- Calculate the instant
- Tryout players
- A little speech before the game

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