Jun 17, 2011

Watch out, Trojans' Angry Birds Rio Unlock "drill Android

Carefully make your game lovers Angry Birds. The name of the game being ppuler and has already been downloaded 200 million times this many apparently inspired the makers of malware to infect the Android operating system that is widely used in various brands of smartphones.

As is known, Rovio who created these games usually provide a free version that can be downloaded from the Android Market. However, the number permianan hanyaterbatas first level and if users are interested to play a more level again he had to pay to be able to continue the game to the next level.

This is where the malware authors see the gap and act by making an application under the name "Angry Birds Rio Unlock" which promised to unlock all the hidden levels of the game Angry Birds Rio. The name of the trojan malware types are named after the version of the game recently released 'Angry Birds Rio ".

According to watchlist virusICU Vaksincom to date, downloaders "Angry birds Rio Unlock" today has reached more than 400,000 times. So it means a potential victim of this malware with the code Android.Plankton already achieve the 400,000 users of Android.

If you agree, then in addition to the hidden level Angry Birds Rio, you'll also get "bonus" Trojan Android.Plankton that will do many things that are harmful, especially if your Android device to have access to cellular service providers.

The Trojans will take over your mobile phone and send SMS spam to premium numbers which will drain pulses. Trojan will also download other applications without the owner's consent. Trojan will also send the data DeviceID, version of the SDK (Software Development Kit) and information about the permissions of the files to a server that has been provided by the manufacturer Trojan.

So once infected with this trojan, your Android device will be vulnerable to other malware infection. Currently two applications are detected to be downloaded by the "plankton_v0.0.3.jar" and "plankton_v.0.0.4.jar". The second action of this plankton is he going to standby to receive and execute commands sent from the control center of malware.

Beginning in June 2011, targeted malware that Android looks began to proliferate. Logically this is a matter of time, because malware authors will try to attack the most popular OS. Currently most malware is still attacking the Windows OS, but seeing the popularity of Android, malware authors seem to be tempted to attack this OS.

Android.Plankton found on June 9, 2011 by a team of analysts Dr. Web and directly incorporated into the definition of Dr. Web for free. Antimalware for Dr. Web for Android smartphones available in two versions, the first version of Dr. Web for Android Lite can be downloaded for free from Android Market and the paid version with the name of Dr. Web for Android Anti-virus + Anti-Spam which has the additional function of protecting users Android of SPAM from both SMS and Tele Marketing.

The good news, if you buy Dr. Web Antivirus for Windows, Linux or Mac you can get Dr. Web for Android Anti-virus + Anti-Spam for free. Or conversely, if you purchased Dr. Web for Android Anti-virus + Anti-Spam, then you will get a free Dr. Web for Windows, Linux or Mac for a workstation (non-server).

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