Jul 19, 2011


It is no secret that college or school are the places most inhabited by supernatural beings, each campus in Indonesia must have horror stories of its respective. Well what about America? Let's see the 10 most haunted campuses in America.

10. Penn State University
State College, PA

The story began when Betsy Aardsm university student was stabbed in 1969 while doing research at one of the passages of the book The Pattee Library, the case itself has not been revealed. It is said that his ghost continues to wander in the hallway scene of the stabbing. A student who happened to be looking for a book in the hallway the night woke up feeling like a strangled, to the extent not able to call his roommate. Also on campus said there is also a ghost ax murderer on the loose in Brumbaugh Hall on Halloween night.

9. Bradford College
Haverhill, MA

The campus has long been abandoned, even when the campus is still in active use sightings and rumors often heard, not just one but many ghosts. One of the famous ghost is the ghost of a young girl who has an affair with a priest. When she was pregnant she chose to commit suicide (or even killed the priest). Both the ghost (the girl and the priest) are now roaming at the academy. The ghost hunters have also found evidence of no noise, screams, and strange picture of this location.

8. University of Notre Dame

In a historic school like Notre Dame, it is not surprising that iamemiliki many ghost stories. George Gipp, Notre DameFootball legendary star is believed to haunt the university. At least he was friendly ghost, he seringterlihat hovering over the shoulders of students, sometimes giving them tepukanramah, then disappear when they turn around. Although it seems iamengawasi students, Indians are also haunted school Patawatami tidakbegitu friendly. It is believed that Columbus built on kuburanmereka Hall, and ghost soldiers is often seen riding up turuntangga room as if to protect something in it.

7. University of Georgia
Athens, GA
Sekloah save a lot of these old mysteries; of confederation soldiers who committed suicide or killed, the campus is full of ghosts. Phi Mu dilaporkandihantui student house by a girl named Anna Hamilton, who witnessed pacarnyadibunuh in front of his eyes and his body buried under the front steps gedung.Mahasiswa able to talk to him using a Ouija board, dantangisannya often heard in the empty spaces of the house. Mahasiswilain the haunted house is the Alpha Gamma Delta. Being one of the houses the oldest university student associations, it is not surprising that the old house is haunted, the story can be traced to the founding family. The family's daughter, Susie was a broken heart on her wedding day choose loteng.Sampai hanged himself in today's residents and visitors alike have reported melihatseorang woman glared at them from an attic window.

6. Montclair State University
Upper Montclair, NJ

Montclair State Academic Building

More particularly in the Clove Road Apartments in the state of Montclair. SepertiNotre Dame, the apartments are also built on Indian burial ground ... not a good idea. Doors and windows slammed and locked the terduga.Lampu no blinking danmati own. The building is always cold, even with temperature control maximized. Room occupants feel the fear of random, and a lot of fights happen for no reason at sekali.Seorang man dressed in 19th-century tidurpenyewa hovering over the place, and then disappeared. Worst of all is the shadow darted among the trees in the forest at night, believed to be the ghost of Indians who no longer breaks. No one would go near the woods setelahmatahari sunset for fear of the unknown.

5. St. Joseph's College


College was used as a field hospital during the war sipil.Tidak like the hospital today, hospital civil war-like stores dagingmodern. With little or no treatment options for injuries sustained due to battlefield weapons, the main treatment is amputasi.Konon nurses often seen carrying buckets of broken arms and legs menjauhdari hospital surgery ward. The cry of the people and, if you are lucky enough, the smell of hospitals that are present throughout the campus. Some siswatelah reported as a hospital campus late at night full of ghosts. In tengahsemua this horror, there is also a friendly ghost. Mother Seton, founder of the American Sisters of Charity, is often seen walking around campus smiling at students danbergegas treat soldiers (ghosts) are injured.

4. Drew University
Madison, NJ

Quite surprisingly, a theological college and seminary akanpenuh ghosts, but Drew University is an example. A haunting penampakankabut Asbury hall, believed to be a student who hanged himself from the sky-the sky. The campus is also known as ghost Roxanna Drew Mead, istripendiri. One day, a fire occurred at the Mead Hall (named after Roxanna) and member of the Madison Fire Department were deployed to quell api.Dua firefighters struggling to extinguish the fire melihatseorang women apparently trapped inside the combustion chamber and masuksetelah him. The witness said that he was wearing clothes of the 19th century danbahwa fire burning right through him. He glanced at them kemudianmenghilang granted.

3. Cal State University
Channel Islands (Camarillo, CA)

Magdelan Mary Church

Not a good idea to build a university in the former psychiatric hospital but the old Cal State decided to do it. Sejakuniversitas first opened its doors in 2002, residents of university students has long melaporkanmelihat roam in the yard, halls and streets diCal State. Prisoners were seen entering the empty room for another penyelidikan.Tahanan danced in the parking lot at night, only to memudarketika he approached the street lights. Most frightening is the ghost destroyer yangmelemparkan objects, knocking students, classroom locks and damage.

2. University of Illinois
Urbana, IL


After drinking all night, a student at the Alpha Phi Omega Sorority Hallkembali into his room one night. While climbing stairs to upper floor until he realized that he was being watched by someone in puncaktangga. After checking further he realizes that the figure, ie a man, wearing a gray uniform and has no face. He quickly laridan told friends, the whole building was searched and found no's nothing. Since that time the man has been seen at various locations on campus. Several years ago, in Crampton Hall, a mahasiswaditemukan hanging in the closet. Allegations that the students became korbanpermainan dirty, but no murderer has ever been found. Forward to the year 2007. When a student does not appear for a party, friends-temannyapergi looking for him. They found him in the closet, hanging terbalikterikat and naked, still alive but frightened. The same night, several students were awakened by a man who stood above them, turned and disappeared in their closet. The man was never identified.

1. Ohio University
Athens, Ohio


This should not be a surprise. It is well known and didokumentasikanbahwa Ohio University may be one of the most haunted places in the world. Dariguru ghost who speaks to students, a voice was heard in a closed room, and ghostly basketball team, the campus is really full of ghosts. Almost every bangunantunggal on campus have at least one ghost associated with it. Place full of ghosts (literally), one stands out among the rest. Wilson Halldikatakan one of the most haunted buildings in the United States, danditampilkan in the TV series "scariest place on Earth". A female student alleged satanic ritual practice died in room 428. Sementaracerita has no real support, what is true is that pejabatsekolah has been shut down and seal the room because there are no students in it can live in peace. The voice is heard throughout the room, the door opened and locked, open and close by themselves, and such figures as hantuberkeliaran in the building. The building is also dead center of the pentagram formed by the five graves that surround the campus. Rumor has it bahwabangunan itself built on an old grave mental hospital, but this proved untrue.

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