Jul 17, 2011

China slams Obama's Meeting with Dalai Lama

Beijing - The meeting between the Tibetan spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama with the U.S. President, Barack Obama made China to react. Foreign Ministry spokesman Ma Zhaoxu assess China, the meeting was tarnishing China's anti-government attitude to Tibetan separatist movement.

"Such acts are too interfering in China's internal affairs and hurt the feelings of the Chinese people," said Ma Zhaoxu, in a release to the Chinese news agency, Xinhua, Sunday (17/07/2011).

Ma commemorate the U.S. to stop interfering in China's domestic affairs and stop for a conniving, especially with the separatist movement. China accused the Dalai Lama is a figure of Tibetan separatist movements based on religion.

"We stressed to anyone that can not support the attitude of the Dalai Lama, let alone support the separatist movement 'Tibet independence'," Advanced Ma.

Ma asserted, the issue of Tibet is exclusively an internal affair of China. "This commitment to China, and our mind about Barack Obama's meeting with the Dalai Lama," said Ma.

Earlier, in a closed meeting with the Dalai Lama at the White House, Obama reiterated his support for the Tibetan people's struggle for human rights

"The president reaffirmed his strong support for the maintenance of a unique religiosity, cultural and linguistic traditions of Tibet and the Tibetans all over the world," said a White House statement, as reported by AFP.

White House releases delivered was delivered along with a photograph depicting Obama, who was not wearing a tie, listened to with respect to the exiled Tibetan spiritual leader was. "He stressed the importance of protecting the human rights of Tibetans in China."

Obama also reiterated the United States considers Tibet part of China. While such known, Beijing considers the Dalai Lama as a separatist, even though these states received the Nobel laureate Chinese law and the only rights the better.

"The president stressed the importance of building a cooperative US-China partnership," the statement.

Obama is also encouraging direct dialogue to resolve old differences and dialogue will produce positive results for China and Tibet. "Dalai Lama said he was not seeking independence for Tibet and hoped the dialogue between representatives and the Chinese government could start soon," the statement said.

China has deployed nine times talks with Dalai Lama envoys, most recently in January 2010. However, dialogue does not produce tangible progress. Stagnant dialogue instead give people confidence that Beijing is waiting for the Tibetan monk's death 76 years, and that the demand for better rights will disappear by itself.

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