Jul 2, 2011

House breaker Paris Hilton Sentenced to 2 Years Prison

Paris Hilton can finally sleep soundly. Nathan Lee Parada, home breaker Paris convicted and sentenced to two years in prison.

In August 2010, Nathan broke into the residence of Paris who was in Hollywood. Nathan claimed to know the house is owned by Paris from the map Hollywood bought the house artist. With capitalize knife, the man intended to rob the movie stars 'House of Wax' is.

Fortunately, Nathan's action was foiled by a lover of Paris, which at that time Cy Waits was there. Before surrendering, Cy had put a gun to him.

As reported by E! Online on Friday (07/01/2011), when asked to break into the home goal Paris, Nathan replied "I just want to get money to go and live on a deserted island."

Before serving a prison sentence, Nathan plans to conduct psychological tests.

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