Jul 25, 2011

A number of Hollywood Shocked Artist Dies Amy Winehouse

Human life is unpredictable. Likewise with the departure of singer Amy Winehouse was so sudden and surprising. Some of Amy's friends also claim to be surprised and shocked over his departure.

Like, Kelly Osbourne, Rihanna and Nicki Minaj deeply feel the loss figures are very good friends.

"When I heard the news I could not breathe anymore. I really love Amy. She was one of my best friends," Kelly wrote in a Twitter account as reported Female First Sunday (07/24/2011).

Not much different with Kelly, Nicki Minaj also write in Twitter disbelief over the death of Amy. Nicky afraid the news is a joke only.

Despite claims could not believe it, Rihanna's hope if Amy's work will remain alive until whenever. "I was really sad when I heard the news," said Rihana.

British singer died on Saturday (23/07/2011). Singer hits 'Rehab' was his last breath at the age of 27.

Amy's body was found at his home in Camden, London, England. It had been ascertained by the local police.

Amy allegedly died of an overdose. Given all this, the owner's full name Amy Jade Winehouse was not able to leave the habit of consuming alcohol and illegal drugs.

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