Jul 18, 2011

Prisons in the U.S.. Lingerie Free Dihapus Policy

Tightening U.S. Federal Government budget was also in Florida prisons. Starting next month, a prison in Florida no longer provide free underwear to prisoners. They have to buy it.

Polk sheriff, Grady Judd, say, selling clothes in the prison canteen for $ 2.54 U.S. dollars (USD 21,600) for underwear and 4.48 U.S. dollars (USD 38,200) for shorts. "If they asked me to buy him, they will not wear underwear," Judd said.

He said these policies could save 45,000 U.S. dollars (USD 383.76 million) per year. Male detainees should not be brought in from outside because the clothes can be used to smuggle weapons and drugs. Still lucky underwear free policy still applies to women detainees

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