Jul 30, 2011

Sexting endemic in Schools

Send SMS with text or photos nasty youth allegedly commonplace. This is evident in neighboring Australia, where the activity is nicknamed sexting middle infect local students.

Fairfax Media Studies from the media who questioned the teachers and cyber security experts in Victoria, concluded that almost all secondary schools in the area of ​​Victoria've got sexting case. Usually there is a nasty photo of students who recorded the phone and then disseminated.

"None of the secondary schools in Australia who have never experienced such problems," said Susan McLean, a former cop who is now a local cyber security experts.

In Australia, sexting acts involving minors could be considered a violation of law. Because of that many schools chose SMS sex case deal with internally and not reported to police.

Experts claim the rampant cyber sexting partly due to the teen idol of many celebrities who are already involved to do the same. So these teenagers want to emulate and do not hesitate to risk for nasty self-snapped photos.

"We see a lot of sexting where these children do not understand the consequences and parents do not understand about the technology," said Rob Ridley, a local detective who quoted from the Sydney Morning Herald, Wednesday (07/13/2011).

Though sexting have much negative impact. For example once a nasty photo spread via the internet, it seems to be forever the image is located in cyberspace.

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