Jul 16, 2011

Snacking on crostini Plus Dip Trio in Tree House

As the name suggests, this place is tiny, cozy and warm. On the couch that we can enjoy a little hot and cold drinks. Light snacks, ribbon bread with hummus cocolan was very tasty, fresh. Crostini with various toppings are tasty, crunchy makes time more fun hangout.

His name is Tree House, where this tiny hangout in the area of ​​Kemang, South Jakarta. As the concept of a tree house, this place is decorated with all-wood materials with a natural brown color. If you do not like the downstairs is filled with sofas and chairs short, can choose to sit upstairs in the more windy.

Bar in the middle of a bottle filled with a variety of different fruit juice mix, mocktail or cocktail. While on a wall decorated with various forms of skateboarding board with a variety of patterns and color paintings. Because the board is also sold as ornament. Routinely variety of art objects on display in this wall.

Berinterior tiny room it feels more warm wood with a poorly lit candles as a source of lighting. So, if you intend casual hangout, it should not have to bring reading material or a laptop, just relaxing enjoy the music soft and susana night fell slowly in the busy area of ​​Kemang.

A variety of refreshments both alcoholic and can not be booked. Ranging from fruit juices, beer, cocoktail and mocktail. If you want a light, there are a variety of soft drinks or coffee and hot tea. To mempersegar throat glass and a cup of hot chocolate Mario became our choice.

What is unique precisely in the diet. In addition there are various pasta such as spaghetti and fettucine in a wide selection of sauces, there are a variety of light snacks. There is also a typical Middle Eastern snacks, bread with a variety of hummus ribbon.

Middle Eastern snack, Dip Trio (IDR 40000.00) is presented in a long white plate. Sliced ​​bread is warm ribbon, equipped with three types of hummus, hummus tahini, hummus hummus garlic and paprika. Pita bread is soft, thick and warm so increasingly steadily dipped in hummus tahini. Hummus is made from beans chickpeas, tahini, garlic mashed and mixed with olive oil.

Garlic hummus, savory aroma fragrance because a lot of wear garlic. While the hummus peppers taste better. In addition there are savory taste slightly sour and sweet and spicy roasted peppers are mashed with olive oil. Even this unique snack more delicious accompanied by Mario sniffs the fresh sweet and sour taste.

Events snacking while selonjoran seemed less preoccupied with crostini dish Combination (30,000, 00). Slices of toasted French bread aka baquette with various toppings. Served steaming hot with a tasty cheese perfumed aroma. There are three kinds of toppings, cheese, chopped mushrooms and chopped zucchini.

Baquettenya thin, crispy krenyes. Champignon mushroom topping is browned chopped smell the earthy scent. The perfect stir together onions make a more tasty mushrooms. While the natural cheese is melted bertopping also fun because it feels there is a little slice of tasty salted anchovies. Likewise, chopped zucchini with a little olive husband make crostini was so quickly exhausted.

The atmosphere is warm and fun snacks that may represent the youthful owner, Anton Massoni and Franco Herbaut. So, if this weekend was tired, wanted to relax for a moment while waiting for the night, stop by the cafe berbgaya this tree house can be a great choice!

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