Aug 14, 2011

6 Ways Secure Smartphone

The more sophisticated a phone it took extra effort to treat it. Here are 6 ways to secure your smart phone to avoid the things that are unwanted are quoted from F-Secure, on Monday (08/08/2011).

1. Update OS
Vendors will usually release an update of the smartphone operating system used periodically outputs. If there is an offer like this should be taken. For an update system will typically present with a number of repair or patching cracks (bugs) in the previous system.

OS updates also often sweetened by the presence of new features. But beware, you should be careful when doing updates, if careless could phone it crashes.

2. Security Software
I was so sophisticated, handheld devices are now likened like a mini computer. Like all computers, not a few malicious programs that target this communication tool.

So if you often store important files or frequently use cell phones to conduct financial transactions, it seems highly recommended to install security applications as a precaution.

3. Do Origin Clicking
Action information theft (phishing) can also occur through the action of indiscriminate browsing on mobile phones. Mode used by the perpetrator is usually spread links that have been prepared odd behind the malicious program to trick the victim. The data could be stolen from the username and password to email credit card information.

A simple way to ensure the site is safe or not is by looking at its URL address. Make sure the site begins with the words 'https' instead of 'http'. Standards 'https' is absolute is used for banking websites.

That is, if your favorite bank site to transact not begin with 'https' (no letter' s'-it) should not enter any username or password, and avoid to transact there.

4. Applications of Trusted Source
Do not be easily deceived by the tempting offer of an application, let alone from the source or manufacturer who is not trusted. The reason could be that ignorant developers-can inject malicious programs on the application.

Step easy it is, if you want a Facebook application, so live look from the Facebook site. Likewise with other applications, better download it from their official website.

5. Beware of WiFi Gratisan
WiFi access is now easily found in public places. Because free and was in the open, so of course security is very risky. That means you have to minimize the activity of browsing, if you want safe.

Moreover, transactions and online shopping, it could be people around you are being watched and unknowingly infiltrate in the middle of the transaction.

6. Keep an eye on Application
Some applications typically require access to your personal data. As a user, it could not hurt you alert for fear of data misuse. If you want to give, send a minimum. And if deemed excessive, you should uninstall the application.

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