Aug 14, 2011

Angry Birds will maker Worth $ 1.2 Billion

Pembesut popular game Angry Birds - Rovio Entertainment - reportedly will receive an investment that makes it so worth USD 1.2 billion.

Not yet known what the company will fund the Rovio. But funding is becoming something that is interesting because Rovio previously turned down offers from several major investors.

Rovio, however does not mean rejecting all funding. In March, they received USD 42 million from Atomico, Niklas Zennstrom's company, co-founder of Skype Technologies. He also received investments from Accel Partners is a proponent of Facebook Inc..

Finnish game maker itself is working extra hard to fund its expansion. Quoted by Bloomberg, on Saturday (10/13/2011), Rovio Angry Bird plans to bring to the big screen made ​​the movie aliases.

Another step is to prepare committed Rovio offices outside Finland as well as monetize its popularity in countries like China to make merchandise Angry Birds in as many as 200 retail stores.

According to estimates, a number of companies that will become investors Rovio is a game developer Electronic Arts and Zynga. Not to forget, the media giant News Corp. and Walt Disney are also disseminated by the proponent.

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