Aug 24, 2011

Disaster Happens America, Earthquake magnitude 5.9, Hit U.S.

Washington DC - Virginia Earthquake 5.9 on the Richter scale made several landmark buildings cracked. In addition to the Cathedral of Washington, found a crack on the tip of the Washington Monument obelisk. Also cracks were also found in the Smithsonian Castle, the headquarters of the Smithsonian in Washington DC foundation.

As reported by CNN on Wednesday (24/08/2011) shortly after the quake, helicopters National Park Service (NPS), the management of the monument in the U.S., inspect the Washington Monument.

The second inspection reveals the presence of cracks near the tip of the stone monument. The civil engineers are seeking ways to improve the monument before it opened to the public.

NPS has been providing news about the closure of the Washington Monument. Some monuments are managed remains open to the public.

"NPS evaluates the structure to assure that the structure of these monuments is safe and strong for all visitors. Washington Monument, because of the complexity of its structure, will remain closed until further notice," said NPS in the website today.

Preliminary examination showed that the Washington Monument are structurally strong enough. Washington Monument will reopen except for the field and tugunya.

"NPS will continue the inspection on the interior before it was decided Monument reopened to the public," said NPS.

While the monument could be reopened after the earthquake is the Lincoln Monument, Jefferson Memorial, Old Post Office Tower, Monument Martin Luther King, Jr., Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial, the Monument of World War II, Vietnam and Korean War Monument.

In addition to the Washington Monument obelisk, also found cracks in the Smithsonian Castle, the headquarters of the foundation manager of the museums in the United States (U.S.).

Here's landmark buildings in Washington DC and Virginia post-earthquake condition:

- Washington National Cathedral: Cathedral of the top 3 of 4 destroyed, cracks appear in the structure of the church building. The building was closed to the public.
- Washington Monument: Closed. Found a crack at its peak.
- Smithsonian Museums: Closed, inspected the damage. There are small cracks, glass Smithsonian Castle, built in 1857, broke out.

While in Washington DC landmarks, such as the White House and other monuments found no damage.

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