Aug 7, 2011

Survey: Mobile More Important Than Sex

Not only is more important than sex, these people also prefer to leave the caffeine, chocolate, even a toothbrush, rather than have parted with their iPhone and BlackBerry phones if only for a week.

Similarly, a national survey that was held TeleNav in the United States. In the opinion poll found that one-third of Americans would rather sacrifice their sex rather than smartphones.

This survey also mentions that 50% of people prefer to leave the habit to enjoy caffeine, chocolate, or sports, rather than separate them with an iPhone or BlackBerry during the week. While 22% were more willing to part with their toothbrush.

"The more people who would rather play with their smartphones instead of physically interacting with other humans. The number of people who sleep with the phone and check it out relentlessly increasing. They were afraid of losing something if not connected," wrote Forbes as quoted on Sunday (07/08/2011).

According to another study by OkCupid, this dangerous habit. Smartphone users are active on Twitter, for example, judged no longer able to maintain a relationship with their partner than those who rarely nge-tweet. "They're constantly taking your phone and read the latest tweets. This habit is cut off from the world around them, including their loved ones."

Studies from TeleNav says that 10% of iPhone users, 18% of Android users, and 15% of BlackBerry users, claiming to end her relationship via text message, voice mail, Facebook or Twitter. While more than 80% of iPhone users could consider forming romantic relationships with fellow users of the iPhone itself.

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