Aug 23, 2011

Want to emulate IBM's microchip Human Brain

IBM developed a silicon microchip that is claimed to mimic the way human brain works. This chip can automatically react to new information it receives.

This technology is touted as a step towards cognitive computing, which allows the engine to act like humans and have functions such as recognition and learning.

"Imagine, traffic lights can integrate sight, sound and smell and then give warning before the disaster. Or you try to imagine the cognitive co-processor that off servers, laptops, tablets and mobile phones to a machine that could interact better with their environment," said Dharmendra Modha, who led a scientific project called Synapse this.

This project is a collaboration between universities in the United States (U.S.), which so far has received funding worth USD 20 million from DARPA, the Pentagon's technology research.

These chips, said IBM will make computers more powerful and efficient which saves space. Not only serves as an analyzer of complex information, such chips can be dynamically created in order to interact with its environment.

"This chip is another significant step in the evolution of computers, from the calculator into the learning system. This marks the beginning of a new generation of computer and all its applications in business, science and government," said Modha.

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