Apr 25, 2012

Apparently the same man the same computer

Indeed, as long as we use computers in our daily lives, we do not realize that we often use the computer and our lifestyle is the same or not much different from the computer.

 A. Need Sleep / Rest Excellent performance of our body so that his name needs to sleep / rest to restore the energy we already use all day. If we can not rest died of exhaustion. Computers are also the same, if it continues to be used 24 hours non-stop over time the computer's performance will go down due to over-heat, might be able to hang.

 2. Can be Affected Effect-Free Relationships if human promiscuity, such as playing a woman / man can be exposed to HVS virus or HIV disease - AIDS. Computers are also similar, if often included as many FDs can get viruses. I think the computer is already infected by the same man who wrote the subject of venereal disease. Hehehehe.

 3. Just Being Social If humans do not mix with the surrounding environment can be called a lack of association. will not evolve life, guaranteed. If humans get along with people again, if computers make friends with the software - software. If it's installed computer software that supports the user, meaning the computer tu be called "smart friends". More and more software which is installed, the more potential & existing science dikomputer. That much ahead of me, sir. Sorry if I'm wrong, I understand Bary. It's just going to exchange my mind, please comment only.

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