Feb 12, 2010

As a result of damage to the gums Cigarettes

WHO ever bought a pack of cigarettes, would be to know if the package of cigarettes is there a warning about the dangers of smoking.

However, it tends to ignore warnings by heavy smokers. They still have to suck it with pleasure nicotine. In fact, however, smoking can cause lung cancer, kidney cancer, up to a heart attack.

In addition to diseases such as lung cancer and kidney cancer, who smoked cigarettes were also very potentially damaging healthy gums. Even the odds of finding periodontal disease (gum) in the heavy smokers caused by smoking. Loss of teeth can also be initiated because of a chronic gum disease, or in a long time.

"Research has found that tobacco use could be one of the biggest risk factor in the growth of periodontal disease," said the professor at the University of Medicine Dentistry Columbia, David A DDS MPH Dr. Albert Albert.

Periodontal disease (gum) is a disease caused by infection from bacteria. These bacteria damage the soft tissue and hard tooth pulp is from the until the jawbone. Bacteria initially grow in dental plaque that grows around the gums or gums known as pocket around the teeth. In the early stages of this disease, many people may be aware that bleeding gums when brushing teeth and use dental floss.

As disruption of the infection, the gums begin to get worse. These bacteria move from tooth to form pocket. Later in the pocket between the tooth and gum damage the supporting tissues of teeth. in the end, your teeth will hurt or be too loose.

Research has shown that smokers have more calculus (tartar) compared with those who are not smokers. This may be the result of a decrease in the flow of saliva (drool). Calculus is more severe forms of plaque. Cigarette tobacco products can cause periodontal disease becomes worse quickly.

Smokers are more damaged large bones and more in the pocket between the teeth and gums than non-smokers. In the study, smokers had a 3? 5 times greater chance of damage to the gums have than non-smokers.

And lost a lot of bone 5 times greater among heavy smokers who are already active and passive (past) than never at all. "Many things can be done to keep the mouth, for example by eating fruit, diligent brushing my teeth and of course with a life without nicotine," explained Albert.

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