Feb 12, 2010

Muslims in Indonesia Reject the Coming Obama

Indonesian Muslims do not need to reject the arrival of President of the United States (U.S.), Barrack Obama. Muslims should show hospitality to the guests the Indonesian nation state.
"No need to be addressed much less cynical negative, then I do not agree that there are comrades who refused to arrival (Obama)," said General Chairman of Muhammadiyah, Din Syamsudin, after a national seminar to pre-convention Muhammadiyah 46 on the campus of the University of Ahmad Dahlan (UAD) on the Road Cotton, Yogyakarta, Saturday (6 / 2).

According to Din, the Indonesian people should accept or welcome guests as well. For the Indonesian people is known as a warm-hearted nation.
"We should show hospitality to every guest country. Especially in the Islamic perspective we must respect the guest, "he said.
According to Din, Obama wants to open a new relationship with the Islamic world on the basis of mutual understanding and respect should be welcomed. In international forums, Din who served as deputy secretary-general to represent the people of Asia, the institute welcomed the fact that Obama hopes can be realized so well.
He said Obama's arrival is an important momentum for the nation and the Muslims. Muslims should be able to prove the truth of Islam in the international eye.
"It is time we talk. And I appreciate and understand her younger students and Muslim elements who want to do a demo of rejection. Should we welcome, we just tell our thoughts to President Obama, "he said.
Obama Will Sing Songs Invited Gratitude

Great attention welcomed not only Barack Obama was greeted by a statue of President of the United States (U.S.) perched in Menteng Park alone. But the Mayor of Central Jakarta, Sylviana Murni, inaugurated the Alumni Association Secretariat SD Besuki (Iluski) at SDN 01 Menteng, Central Jakarta, yesterday.
"We're from Pemko Jakpus supports and welcomes the arrival of the President's plan that Barack Obama never been to school here. Hopefully with the secretariat of the alumni can be well coordinated, "said Sylviana Murni, after formalizing sekeretariat Iluski, at SDN 01 Menteng, Central Jakarta, Friday (5 / 2) afternoon.
Obama on the issues related to religious issues and the pros cons Statues Barack Obama, Sylviana Murni said, it should not be polemical and society must take the positive side and appreciate the difference.
"On the February 14 will coincide with the celebration of Lunar New Year, we will missionary Pemko Jakpus barongsai race held at the National Monument as our sense of pluralism as it has taught the late Gus Dur," added Sylviana Murni.
The assistant principal of SDN 01 Menteng, Central Jakarta, Akhmad Solikhin SPd MM said, the purpose of holding the inauguration of the secretariat was to alumni Iluski can dimanagemant well and have a positive impact for his alma mater.
Meanwhile, Drs Zainal Kasudin Soeleman Dikdas MM appealed to welcome Barack Obama does not interfere with teaching and learning process at school. (Detikcom / PK)

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