Feb 15, 2010

Get Money on the Internert.PPC

id you encountered the PTC program? Have you ever wonder what is it all about? Okey, let us start by defining what is PTC.

PTC stands for Pay Through Click or it simply means that you get paid to visit a website and click ads. It is one of the easiest way how to get money online because all you need to click the ads assigned to you and the PTC site will pay certain amount of dollar for you. There are many PTC sites available on the net and most of the PTC sites offer $.0025 - $.01 per click. Aside from that, most of PTC sites follow a referral system which means for every person signed up under your name, you will get credit to that. Some PTC sites offer additional source of earnings like paid to view, paid to read, paid to sign up or paid to visit.

How to get started?

It is important that you have your own paypal account or alertpay account because that is where you will get your commission. How to create a paypal or alertpay account? Simply register to www.paypal.com for paypal account or www.alertpay.com for alertpay account.
When you already have paypal account or alertpay account, you may now choose to register to PTC sites. Below are some of the recommended PTC sites. You may start to register and you can improve your earnings later through their referral system.
Recommended PTC sites:


# of ads: 4 for regular and pioneer, 8 for golden and ultimate.

Payouts per click: $0.01 for regular, pioneer and golden, $.02 for ultimate

Maximum no. of direct referral: 100 for regular, 150 for pioneer, 200 for golden and 400 for ultimate

Maximum no. of rented referral: 1000 for regular, 2000 for pioneer, 4000 for golden and 6000 for ultimate

Days between cashouts: 7 days for regular and pioneer, 6 days for golden and 4 days for ultimate

Minimum cashout: $2

Paid through paypal or alertpay


# of ads: 4-6 per day

Payout per ads: Class A=$.008, Class B=$.004, Class C=$.002, Class D=$.001

Mimimum payout: $2

Paid through paypal or alertpay


# of Ads 4

Rate per click = $.01

Minimum pay out = $2

Payment: instant

Paid through alertpay

Get 50% from your referral

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