Feb 14, 2010

Antasari appeal

Komisi Yudisial Akan Periksa Hasil Putusan Antasari

Komisi Yudisial (KY)trial-related monitoring Antasari Azhar case. After the verdict was read, KY will check the contents of the decision to see if there are irregularities.

"Well if we're from KY will conduct a review of this decision and we will do it automatically because this case received public attention," explained Chairman KY Muqoddas Busyro bond after attending alumni Hospitality House Transportation UII, Jl Medan Merdeka Barat, Jakarta, Sunday (14/2/2010).

Conclusions while KY, found no irregularities related to the decision. "But if it's from the Antasari felt there was not accommodated the fact that proportionally could be seen at the level of appeal," he explained.

Related examination, KY still assessing the move does not affect the legal process. "Next we have to respect the legal effort that went because it was provided by the law," he added.

Until now has not made an effort KY mengeksaminasi case. However KY will conduct monitoring. "KY could have done the analysis, but may not make judgment, it was wrong," said Busyro.

From: Detik.com 14 Februari 2010

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