Mar 31, 2010

How Does Google Optimization SEO?

Usually blog or website owner to optimize SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for lookups and perform optimally on search engines, especially Google. But it was google-SEO was also optimizes the various products. And it turned out, many products are still lacking in terms of SEO.
Want to know more fully how to optimize SEO in google products? Just download Google's SEO Report Card.
Although this report specifically shows google products, but also provide benefits to owners of blogs / websites that want to optimize SEO.

oogle's SEO Report Card, is a business that made google given to the team google products to give you ideas of how to enable them to improve their product pages with a simple optimization and acceptable. Given directed optimization not only helps search engines understand the content of web pages better, but improve the understanding / experience of visitors.
Simple steps like improving the 404 pages, broken links, simplifying the selection of a URL, providing convenience and easy to understand title and various other improvement tips.
Want to know more fully what is written in improvements this 49? Langsugn just downloaded Google's SEO Report Card (1.64 MB)
For the novice, want to know the basics of SEO optimization or SEO to complete the reference of google, do not forget to read Google's SEO Guide in Bahasa Indonesian
Source: Webmaster Central Blog

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