Mar 31, 2010

Video tutorial how to save (download) a video from Youtube

Previously I've discussed tips to download videos from youtube, but maybe some are still unclear. Although it's been a lot of software, websites, video download applications, plugins and stuff, but sometimes in software engineering often fail. Therefore, until today I more often downloaded by "manual", because it seldom fails.
For simplicity, the following video tutorial videos from youtube downloaded manually.
Previously, there were two things that needed to be how to "manual" was successful.

1.Kita should be able to access the computer on drive C: or C: \ Documents and Settings \ (assuming driev windows installed on C:). If the cafe is the C: drive it in the protection, then it might not be.

2.Install program to copy a locked file. Here, I use Unlocker for small and very easy to use. Download Unlocker (216 KB)
When we look at videos online (on youtube for example), then the actual video file is stored on our computers. So that when we've run video through to completion, the video already stored on the computer. But video files are always in the protection by the web browser (with its plugins Flash Player), so it can not be copied, moved, delete or rename. In addition, when we close the web browser, the actual video file is saved automatically deleted.
Utilizing such techniques, in essence we are now looking for where the video file is stored. Then if you have found, we copy these files using the program Unlocker (or other similar programs), because using the usual copy-paste feature will not work.
Read more following his video tutorial:
The above video explains begin installing Unlocker, then open and run the example videos on youtube, then search for temporary video storage location (which is in C: \ Documents and Settings \ (user name) \ Local Settings \ Temp), last one to copy files tmp extension FLV to give when done.
If you have any feedback, suggestions or other alternative which is easier, please share it with the comment this article. Hopefully useful.

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