Mar 29, 2011

Advantages and Disadvantages Firefox 4

Lots of changes in this new version. From start to appearance, speed up the bug fixes that exist in previous versions. Plus there are some features that further improve the performance of Firefox 4.

let us seimak more about the advantages and disadvantages of Firefox 4.

Of course, all already know what are the advantages of firefox. Here ane provide advantages and disadvantages of Firefox 4 that the most prominent of the previous update.


1. Performance
With start-up faster, faster graphics rendering speed and load on the load page, Firefox 4 full your main performance improvements and will be visible immediately.

From the compartment more efficiently integrate and manage JavaScript objects to support and build a brand new ECMAScript5 J├ĄgerMonkey JavaScript engine. DKesimpulanya is to use a small computer memory process, Firefox 4 is ready to speed up your browsing performance.

2.Powerfull Personalization
With a bar that is more refined than previous versions. Firefox provides an easy menakses and organize your preferred configuration.

And has available a new persona that is added so that it can make your Internet activity more colorful.

Plus add-ons that are more complete in Firefox this 4 to beguna for you.

3.Web Acceleretion
With Firefox adjustments to the development of technology is becoming increasingly clear in Firefox 4. Lots of improvements on this web side, such as:

Newest Web Technologies
Upgrading Forms
WebM and HD Video
Next-Generation Graphics
Enhanced File API
Stylin 'with CSS3 Pages
Audio API
Multi-touch Support
Web Console


It's just that there are some add-ons that are not compatible with the latest version of Firefox 4, such as social bookmarking service, Delicious Bookmarks 2.1.106. RealPlayer Browser Record Plugin 1.0 and NoScript add-ons that are quite popular also not compatible. For web developers do not need to worry, because the add-ons "mandatory" such as Firebug, Web Developer, User Agent Switcher or YSlow running well.

Another minor deficiency is that users can not select the address bar directly by pressing the F6 button (in version 3.6 can), for users accustomed to rarely use the mouse small thing is quite disturbing.

Overall, Firefox 4 is qualified enough to compete with some other browsers. But one of the hallmarks of this browser is, still supports the Windows XP platform, which justu been abandoned by Microsoft itself, through Internet Explorer.

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