Mar 29, 2011

Wide Screen Monitor makes playing games

There are also many similar problems with me.
when playing the game the resolution is so small.
so I try tooling registry tweaking his game.
and turned out to be.

1. go to Run then type regedit.
2. search whose name HKEY_CURRENT_USER then go into the software.
3. then locate the name of the game / name of the game maker (usually the name of the game maker, the new name of the game) that would be set.
4. if it has entered into a video game whose name search.
after entry in the video search string that names the same resheight reswidht
5. resheight same height it was with a resolution that is on his screen and reswidhtnya also the same.
Do not forget to fill it with the DECIMAL option is not hexadecimal.

hopefully help

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