Apr 5, 2011

3 Main Reconnaissance Smokers Cancer

Contained a cigarette just 4 thousand types of chemicals are toxic or harmful to the body. Substances that trigger lung cancer, brain and liver.

Who does not know cigarettes. Historically, tobacco has been smoked by Native American continent that is the Maya, Aztecs, and Indians from 1,000 years before Christ. Then Columbus introduced tobacco to England and the tobacco trade began in the 1500s, especially the tobacco of Virginia and still exist till this moment.

The cigarette industry began to dim since 1964, because the American Association of Surgeons issued a statement that cigarettes cause lung cancer. Cigarette advertising on television began showing forbidden since 1965 in England and 1970 in America. Health warnings on cigarette packs began to appear since 1970, and further reinforced by warnings in pictures.

Although it began to fade, in fact as many as 4 million people die from smoking and is estimated at 2020, the victim died of smoke reached 10 million people. Unfortunately 70 percent of the victims are in developing countries. At least it was revealed in a seminar titled "Smoking and Lung Cancer" at the 2nd Floor Multipurpose Room, Dharmais Cancer Hospital, Jalan Let Jen S Parman, Slipi, West Jakarta, some time ago.

Internationally there are 1.26 billion smokers in developing countries and about 800 million smokers. While Indonesia was ranked the fifth highest number of smokers after China, America, Japan, and Russia. "In a single cigarette has 4 thousand types of chemicals, including 400 species of toxic or poisonous substances and 40 types of carcinogens are toxic substances that cause cancer," said Staff Medical Functional Dharmais Cancer Hospital Dr Eddy Soeratman.

Lung cancer, according to Dr. Eddy, is a disease that can not be detected early. This then makes the lung cancer patients, newly come to the hospital is always with advanced-stage cancer or four. "Patients with lung cancer just going to the doctor when the vomiting of blood or shortness and feel pain when breathing," said Eddy.

Pain or vomiting of blood that experienced by patients with lung cancer caused respiratory vessels in the lung cancer driven by a lump or tumor in the lung. "That is what then makes people difficult to breathe. If the late follow-up, the lungs of patients will be flooded by the liquid carried by cancer cells and it can result in death, "he said.

When it is severe, lung cancer is a leading cause of death and 85-95 per cent related to smoking habits. Class of high risk of lung cancer are men and women aged 40 years and older, heavy smokers and people who are in environments contaminated by pollutants or waste plant.

If cancer cells have been attacking the lungs, Dr. Eddy said, the cancer cells will easily spread into three main parts of the body, namely the brain and liver. "Cancer cells will be washed of blood and lymph nodes throughout the body, the most frequent subject is the brain and liver," added the doctors who descended directly to the school for anti-smoking counseling.

Besides the three main limbs prone to cancer after lung cancer, other body parts are also vulnerable, according to Dr. Eddy, the kidney and bone. "Bone cancer causes bones to break easily can even cause paralysis due to spinal cord suppress cancer or break a bone," said Dr. Eddy.

For patients suffering from lung cancer is detected, the hospital will first perform four types of diagnosis. First, through the perceived patient complaints, physical examination, chest X-rays, CT scans and patalogi thoracic anatomy. "The sooner the cancer is known, the easier spread of cancer cells is prevented," he said again.

Morbidity due to lung cancer, was also felt by Willy. Middle-aged man was admitted lung cancer and has now been declared free by the doctor.

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