Apr 9, 2011

Navel Hole Cleaning Hazards

The navel is a sign of a closed hole in the upper abdomen, which are made available when the umbilical cord is cut from the stomach was removed and a new baby to be separated from his mother's placenta. All creatures mammals berplasenta will definitely have a belly button. In general, animal belly button looks like a thin line only vague.

Dirt on the skin (dirt / bolot), although every day we had a shower, the dirt is still there. This is because the actual climb was not just dirt. Every day there are dead cells containing keratin fall from the skin surface and the oil that comes out, all mixed with dirt, that is the dirt. Dead skin cells and oils that accumulate on the navel of a dirt hole in there. But the dirt it should not be cleaned navel.

Why navel hole should not be cleaned?
Contained in the navel skin is thinner than skin on other parts of the body. So, if the skin is analogous to a castle wall, the navel is considered as the gate. Remember your first time you are still in the mother's womb, the navel of a link between mother and child. and now the door was already closed.

The door is the weak point of a castle. and this door should keep our guard, because if this door with your own broken-match probe or clean it that will cause the door crack, you will lose yourself. How not, you have opened the way to the millions of enemies who have been waiting around your castle.

Although the skin is still there behind the other defenses (antibodies, macrophages, etc.), what's wrong if you keep it, because no one can guarantee your soldiers behind the walls of the castle will triumph over the enemy's attack.

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