Apr 9, 2011

Tips for Maintaining Motivation For Sports

No one denies the benefits of exercise for health. What often matters is motivation for us to start and keep exercising. Basically, motivation can come from within themselves (intrinsic) and from outside ourselves (extrinsic). If you do the activity (sport) because the reasons for the health, lose weight, or reduce stress then it means you do sports because of internal motivation. Conversely, if you do a sport because it only wants to follow the lifestyle of a friend or just because the price of self-motivation then it is referred to as external. Activities based on internal motivation will usually give better results and long-lasting. Here are some ways to keep your motivation to keep exercising.

1. Educate yourself. Make yourself understand why exercise is important to you and how you take advantage of sport you do. Knowledge you can get from books, magazines or directly ask the experts.

2. Find a model / sample. More hanging out with people who are always working out and having a healthy lifestyle. If the friends you always do exercise and eat healthy food then you also will surely do the same thing too.

3. Make your own list of reasons why the need to exercise. Try to spend a few days to make a list / list the reasons that you can find of yourself, why exercise is important for you to do. For example "I do sports to: lose weight, improve health, strengthen heart function, making stronger if I had to walk away, Want a long life to see children and grandchildren grow up, etc..)

4. Do exercise with a friend. Exercise conducted jointly with a friend or close friend will make you always happy and feel happy for doing the exercises.

5. Find the destination. Setting goals is very important because it will allow you to specify the target practice. To initiate determine the target light (very convenient), for example, walk 2 miles around the house, then the target be increased little by little in accordance with your body's ability.

6. Make exercise fun. Do exercise that you like best. You can choose which sport you like most you may prefer swimming, walking, cycling, fitness, or whatever you like. Do not choose a less sport you love because you will not be happy living it.

7. Change the type of sport Anda.Melakukan the same sport in a long time might cause you're bored, it would not hurt if once in a while you try different sports to keep you motivated to exercise

8. Keep your motivation. Keeping motivation you can do by reading the article, a magazine about health where you can find a lot of knowledge about the benefits of sport. This will create the motivation you awake. If you like surfing the virtual world (internet) you should not attempt to register on your site or blog and your health with a routine to send the news letter (e-mail) that contains health information that will enhance your knowledge and keep your motivation.

9. Give your self-esteem. After an exhausting exercise, you can visit the Spa to pamper your body as an appreciation for the efforts you have done. But do not appreciate your efforts by visiting a restaurant or a restaurant after exercise because of your efforts to achieve a healthy body will be in vain!.
Whatever your motivation, both from within and from outside it does not matter as long as you can still exercise regularly. Good luck and CONGRATULATIONS EXERCISE tips above ... ....
By dr. Sugiritama

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