Apr 11, 2011

Tips and Tricks Public Speaking

Tired of being a passive and want more confident in front of people? Begin to enrich and build self-confidence! You can begin to try the following trick!
Did you know, not all people who currently work as a speaker or presentation in public perpetrator is a person who was born with a sense of confidence is high. Some of them are also often hit by "stage fright" when it should be a central concern within a community.

Yes, indeed stage fright can hit anyone. Not only a public speaker, regular employees who at one time must submit proposals in the meeting room could have been attacked even stage fright.

When a turn must voice their opinion, it suddenly lost all courage follows a series of words that have been arranged neatly in mind. Or, when I had to explain the proposals being discussed, you lose control speech. Talk was so out of focus and seem endless.

The next session, you also left the audience who initially was ready to listen to explanations from you. Well, no need to despair if often experienced such a case! There are many tricks you can do for your confidence grows when speaking in public.

1 Keep the Speed ​​Talk
Keep the rate of speaking in order to remain moderate. Do not speak too fast. People will be difficult to understand what you're talking about when talking too fast. Most speakers who have high self-confidence will speak slowly, but do not lose focus or become boring.

2 Develop Language
Take the time to improve your vocabulary. Do not talk too much, especially when you are presenting. When you often use excessive words will make you look less intelligent. Similarly, if often uses many terms in the choice of words, just to make you appear more authoritative.

3 Use the Diaphragm
Talk through the diaphragm (chest cavity). This will give you a sound resonance and projection.

4. Open Hand
Use gestures (body language) to open the hand with the position of your palms facing upwards. This will give the impression you say, "I do not have things to hide. I only speak the truth! "However, do not do it excessively, because it would interfere with or disrupt the attention of your audience.

5. Maintain Eye Contact
As you explain the idea, you should do with maintaining eye contact with any other person. This will make you not lose focus when speaking in public.

6. Standing Upright
Try to remain standing upright every time you have the opportunity to speak in public. Do not keep your hands in his pockets, and do not forget to smile always best, without the artificial impression.

7. Throw Some Words
Habit says, "Eee ...", "What's that", or "Anu", should start you lose while speaking in public. Using phrases or words like these will make you look insecure and unprofessional.

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