Apr 11, 2011

Negative Effects of Steroids Use [for the likes of fitness]

# 1 Use of Psychological Effects of Steroids
Based on the fact that steroids give you all the effects sought by the bodybuilder, it is not too surprising if these steroids cause psychological dependence.

Think about this, if steroids are consumed for 8 weeks, with the assumption that diet and exercise discipline, chances for obtaining muscle mass and great energy. However, the feeling of unstoppable will appear after 8 weeks of use. Suddenly levels are reduced slowly until completely discontinued their use, not taking steroids at all. A week later, beginning to feel that you do not get the feeling 'ngepump' diminishing power and although have been training hard as always, the muscles actually smaller. Plus, a week after the steroid intake is stopped, testosterone levels will drop dramatically and you will feel depressed. From this it can be seen that most people will not be able to escape the vicious circle hook steroids.

# 2 Depression
Due to the existence of a cycle in which low testosterone coincided with rising levels of estrogen, then the depression that occurs in this cycle will actually feel. To relieve this depression, you should consult with a doctor and going through several cycles of treatment again to restore your testosterone levels while lowering estrogen levels. These treatments can not be covered by insurance companies because of the use of steroids without a prescription is illegal. If you're not through this treatment cycle, be prepared to go through severe depression.

If you do not know what you do (you consume steroids without considering the dose and side effects), then you'll not only get the side effects during its use, but you also get side effects after use. Once again, how much side effects that would be obtained depending on the type and dose of steroids as well as users of genetic factors. Thus, it is impossible for us to predict what side effects to be facing the user. One thing is for sure, if you use high doses of steroids for a long time also, it's likely your body is not able to restore testosterone levels naturally and you will be undergoing hormone therapy for life improvement.

# 3 It can lead to impotence
At this age, all sued fast-paced. There should be a shortcut to enlarge
muscle. Incidentally steroids and various supplements that contain steroids are available freely and easily found.
Other uses of substances called anabolic steroids that could be a potent medicine to overcome the inflammation and relieve pain.
However, a powerful steroid also known as bone mass enhancer
and muscle strength.

In the world of sports, steroids clearly unlawful. The use of steroids can make the muscles become stronger.
Automatic movement of the athletes will be faster and agile. In addition to be considered as doping, anabolic steroids
also prohibited because it is very dangerous for the body sipemakai. The accumulation of steroid use in
constant will be fatal to the organ affected kidney and heart.

Impact of the lightest for the steroid users of acne on the face.
The heaviest of heart damage and liver damage.

In the medical world, steroids are needed, for example, used to raise a patient's muscle
are shrinking because terauma by various causes. But beyond the medical function, steroids harmful if
used carelessly, steroids can be said is like a knife, useful when used appropriately,
but also at risk if used carelessly.

# 4 The possibility of other side effects.
1. Work is increasingly severe liver.
2. Decrease in natural testosterone production.
3. Improve cholesterol levels and blood pressure.
4. Work heavier thyroid glands.
5. Headache.
6. Nosebleed
7. Cramps
8. Gynecomastia (breast formation in men)
9. Insulin insensitivity
10. Androgenic side effects: hair thickness, swelling of the prostate, oily skin, water retention is high, and the more aggressive / temperamental
11. Growth retardation when she was a teenager (in infancy)
12. Diarrhea, constipation, vomiting
13. Can lead to tumor development

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