Apr 18, 2011

'Wii 2 will feature HD Equipped'

Nintendo's new Wii console will introduce next June. Second-generation console called the Wii 2 is said to be equipped with the ability of the features HD (high definition) which has been long-awaited fans.

As usual, Nintendo is always utilize the arena Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) to introduce the latest products that will be released. At last year's E3 event Nintendo consoles starting menggaungkan 3Ds are now reaping popularity.

Nintendo internal source who declined to be named said at the E3 event this year also plans to introduce Nintendo Wii 2.

Nintendo will add some updates in the Wii 2, one of them HD capability. As is known, although its appearance was greeted warmly, the lack of HD on the Wii many complaints.

There has been no official confirmation from Nintendo regarding the truth of this news. But clearly, Nintendo and other consoles pembesut was accustomed to exhibit their new products at the event E3. Just wait!

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