May 27, 2011

232 Missing Persons in the U.S. Due to Tornado

Missouri - Hundreds of people until now have not been found following the tornado that hit the City attack Joplin, Missouri, United States on Sunday, May 22 local time.

Joplin city officials say, 232 people still missing since the natural phenomenon. While the death toll has so far reached 125 people, many of them not yet identified.

Some people who lost probably be among the bodies that have not been identified. Local authorities urged families of victims to be patient to wait for the victim identification process is complete. The process, including DNA tests and fingerprint checks.

"232 people, we can not assume they all died," said Andrea Spiller, deputy director of the Missouri public safety as reported by AFP news agency on Friday (05/27/2011).

It is said Spiller, some of them are missing it's probably just because they can not contact their families. Although some people may be still buried under debris. To that end the search operation was still underway.

Tornado that hit Joplin touted as the single most deadly tornadoes in the United States within a period of six decades. It is estimated that more than 900 people were injured by the tornado. While about 2 thousand buildings were destroyed to the ground.

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