Jun 17, 2011

5 Position the Favored Women Making Love

There are many sex positions that can be done if you and your partner want to get a satisfying sex life. But of the many positions, there are only a few who preferred women.

To do this lovemaking position, you do not like having to acrobatics. The position can be done easily and it can be applied in your sex life and partner.

Here are the positions of lovemaking, as reported by Self Growth:

1. Missionary
This sex position is always a favorite even though all too common and frequently performed. When doing this position, she could feel the tremendous excitement at the same time creativity. Creative here means, women should not just stay quiet when the man to penetrate. You can touch your partner's hair or other body parts. In order to get more leverage, lift both legs up to waist lock partner.

2. C.A.T
C.A.T. is a continuation of coital Alignment Technique. Ask the couple raised her body slightly upwards so that the pubis bone to touch your clitoris area. Scientifically it is proven to increase pleasure. In the Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy is said, with a CAT position, the possibility of women reaching orgasm increased 50%.

"While doing this technique, the pair did not hit you too deep, so that he could be more moving rhythmically. In this way the woman's clitoris stimulated more consistently," said Dr. Sex Therapist. Joy Davidson.

Only, not all couples succeed get satisfaction with the CAT technique this. "Especially for those who like to partner with the press. Women who like the pressure near serviksnya also be dissatisfied. Better way this is done as part of the variation," added the originator of 'The Joy Spot' it.

3. Stand
To make love to a standing position, good coordination is needed between strength and body balance. Sexual position is best done when you and your partner have sex spontaneously and quickie. In doing so, you can stand up by leaning on the wall or the side of the bed. This position allows the couple to penetrate deeper and make you reach orgasm.

4. Spooning
Including sexual position spooning best to hide the body parts that are not preferred as the stomach or other parts of the body forward. During sex with this position, you lie back to the couple and the he hugged you from behind.

This position is quite fun to do because not only make him not see the stomach, but also can pair easily stimulate your clitoris. According to the study, 95% of women who had clitoral stimulation to get her orgasm.

5. Women On Top
Women On Top is a reversal of the missionary position. According to sex and romance expert Michael Webb is the best position to make a woman reach orgasm.

With the woman on top, a woman so much easier to control the G-spot. The women knew what movements to do to achieve climax during lovemaking with this position.

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