Jun 17, 2011

Celebrity Diet Tips It's He who easily imitated

Celebrity-paced lifestyle of luxury we can not imitate. But, we can follow their way of keeping the body beautiful with a healthy diet.

Some of the tricks performed three celebrity diet is not complicated and require expensive, so the public can apply it as a healthy diet everyday. Here's the trick.

1. Demi Moore
One of the challenges a diet that is hard to avoid the temptation of eating sweet foods. But Demi Moore had a clever way around this. Excerpted from Become Gorgeous, when the desire to eat chocolate or cake comes, this sexy actress bodied replace it with apples spread with peanut butter. Not only Demi, Lady Gaga and Jennifer Love-Hewitt also choose this diet tricks. Why apple is quite popular as a snack on a diet? Because fruit crunchy texture is rich in pectin, a substance that can manipulate the brain sends satiety signals to the body for several hours. So, you will not be tempted to chew snacks like caramel or blueberry muffins.

2. Carrie Underwood
At inception, the winner of American Idol season 4 looks a little chubby. Now, after becoming a famous country singer, Carrie looks slimmer and has a beautiful curves. Reported by People, it turns out her diet tricks is to never skip breakfast. As we all know, breakfast provides energy for the body to be able to move properly. Carrie also avoid drinks containing lots of sugar and replace it with green tea or water.

3. Heidi Klum
Just like Demi Moore, models underwear Victoria's Secret is choosing apples and green vegetables as a snack. In addition, Heidi is also eating high protein foods such as turkey, chicken and eggs. Protein can provide satiety effect which can reduce the desire to chew and overeating. Moreover, protein intake also gives energy to keep the body strong and live sport on the move all day with a maximum.

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