Jun 17, 2011

Ba'asyir was sentenced to 15 Years Prison Accused cases of suspected Indonesian terrorist

Defendants are also cases of suspected terrorist leaders Ansharut Tawheed Jamaat, Abu Bakar Ba'asyir, was sentenced to 15 years in prison. The verdict is lighter than the prosecution is demanding life imprisonment Ba'asyir.

"Declare proven guilty as in the subsidiary claims, imposing capital for 15 years," said Chief Justice Eddy Swantoro in South Jakarta District Court, Jalan Raya Ampera, Thursday, June 16, 2011.

In the previous charges, the prosecutor considers team Ba'asyir has been proven legally and convincingly violating Article fund provision of military training in Aceh.

Hundreds of Ba'asyir's supporters outside the court building looks patiently awaiting the trial which lasted almost five hours. Once the verdict was read, supporters from outside Jakarta screamed.
In consideration of the judges argued, there is no presence of the defendant's involvement in supplying arms and ammunition in military training in Janto, Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam. According to the judge, the arms and ammunition in military training in Aceh, among others, supplied by Abu Abdullah Sunata and Tholut.

Assembly rate, the burdensome demands for Ba'asyir does not support government efforts to combat terrorism. In addition, defendants also have had a penalty assessed in similar cases.

No involvement of the accused in bombing activities in the country such as Bali Bomb, Bomb Bomb Mosque and Marriott Mapolresta Cirebon no consideration will be the focus of investigation judge. Ba'asyir snared indictment Article 14 in conjunction with Article 7 of Law on Terrorism.

Ba'asyir assessed and proven plan or move others to raise funds used for the criminal acts of terrorism. Funds collected proved Ba'asyir amounting to Rp 350 million, with USD 150 million pemerincian obtained from Haryadi Usman, USD 200 million from Sharif Usman. (Umi)
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