Jun 17, 2011

Sheet Clock or Clock Sheet Paper

The alarm clock is melted with the speakers and touch sensitive controls, embedded in your sheet. Control icon embroidery at the edge of the sheet and a radio frequency control, alarm time, etc.

Segment hour hidden under a cloth. Just run your finger over an hour to tell the time.

Luxury Satin Sheet symbolizes the nerd by day! Imagine integrating the radio alarm clock in the Sheet! That melts to your Clock: alarm, touch sensitive with haptic speakers and control all your sheet embedded inside. The third control icon is embroidered on the sheet and the relevant elements at the outer edge of the bed linen operations. Use the two combo to set the radio frequency, time alarm etc. Basically, you just feel your way through this system; IN YOUR FACE!

Hour segments are thin and hidden under a cloth. They consist of silicon and provide embossing felt through the slat EPS (electroactive polymers, used for artificial muscles). When activated by electricity, wood chips expand and lift the silicon segment, gave us a number of hours incurred.

Apparently you can even wash the sheets; silicon and slat EPS segment is fixed in a small case. Minor cases arranged on a plate. If you want to wash the sheets, you just remove the plate with a clock component.

This paper clock can also help users to more easily be able to know when the time clock or wake up.
And the clock is also designed specifically for the Blind in advance because they can feel the sheer numbers that are shown by the clock so that it no longer needs the help of people, and also trains the ability to feel the objects around it.

Melted clock radio alarm clock is integrated with a bed sheet. It allows the haptic experience of time without having to open one's eyes or turning on lights to see the clock face.

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