Jun 23, 2011

Disconnect Again Love Prince Harry

Prince Harry in the eyes of her lover, Chelsy Davy as a faithless man. Meanwhile, Chelsy considered the prince of women who thirst for freedom. The difference is what makes them have to split up?

Earlier, Prince Harry had reportedly wanted to get married soon after the event Royal Wedding William & Kate Middleton 29 April last. However, Harry's invitation to Chelsy apparently rebuffed. Women born in Zimbabwe was still a lot of thinking to become part of the royal family.

Beyond that, Chelsy Davy also turned out to save a deep jealousy for her sister, Pippa Middleton. Pippa has always been linked closely with Harry.

In fact, Pippa Harry had praised as an exceptional woman, any woman who coveted him. Hearing this, Chelsy was furious. Royal sources admitted their relationship eventually foundered in the middle of the road as reported Showbizspy, Friday (6/3/2011).

"Harry knew with charm, looks, and his title, he could have almost any woman he wants," he said.

Harry and Chelsy met in 2004 in South Africa. From there, the relationship grew to be friends a special relationship. After about six years, they must end the special relationship.

However, the couple could not seem easy to forget each other. Until finally, they returned fuse rope love in February 2010.

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