Jun 23, 2011

Disorders Masculinity Men More complained Wife

Impotence is a problem that could reduce confidence in men. Yet many men who refuse to perform the examination. The new guy going to the doctor checked his manhood disorder after his wife urged.
Dr. Heru H Oentoeng, M. Repro, Sp.And of Seksologi Association estimates that 60-65 percent of Indonesia's visit to the doctor-related erectile dysfunction actually done at the insistence of his wife. Wives are told this is the disorders suffered by her husband to the doctor because her husband was reluctant to tell their own.
"For matters of erectile dysfunction, women are more open than men. There is a tendency for men to cover up or denial, underestimate so lazy to consult a doctor," said Dr Heru H Oentoeng, M. Repro, Sp.And of Association of Indonesia during a press conference Seksologi Ideal Sex Survey at Plaza Semanggi, Jakarta, Thursday (06/23/2011).
The data collected through the ISS (Ideal Sex Survey) reveals the same trend, ie, men with erectile problems tend to feel uncomfortable discussing with your doctor erection function. But in a survey performed in 10 Asian countries including Indonesia, nine out of 10 male patients still take the initiative to discuss with the doctor's erection problems.
Somewhat different from the results of the survey, Dr. Heru estimated at 60-65 percent of complaints related to practice of erectile dysfunction is coming from a woman who accompanied her husband to check. Husbands who are reluctant to tell his own erection problems on average are aged 45 years and over.
Although there are not too many, there are also some male patients are open enough to tell the problem to the doctor. According to Dr. Heru, male patients who did not jaim (keep the image) are generally young and are still strongly in maintaining sexual health.
In general, erectile dysfunction is more experienced men over the age of 40 years. Of all patients who visit his or her practice, Dr. Heru estimates that only 15-20 percent who were aged between 20-30 years.
But in big cities like Jakarta, the tendency to experience erectile dysfunction at a young age predicted increased. According to Dr. Heru, triggers include lack of exercise, stress levels increase while the romance or the time to entirely mixed-mesraan with reduced because of busy couple more solid.

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