Jun 23, 2011

How to quickly whiten the skin of the face and body

Having a healthy glowing skin has become every woman's desires. Not infrequently among them to try a variety of skin care products to get maximum results. Ranging from skin treatments that can rejuvenate skin, remove wrinkles on the face until the bleach treatment that can make the skin look brighter shine.
Whiten the skin was not unusual in modern times like now, and it was not only women who do the treatment. Men also do not want to be left to do the same. Namely want to whiten the skin that are less white either because of work demands or a desire to be ogled by the individual of the opposite sex in order to find a mate. Because after all, dry skin is not pleasant to look at and touch, because it creates the impression of a lack of self care that will ultimately create a negative impression and ilfil by the opposite sex.
Facial skin is the most troublesome thing for every woman. Among the active ingredients are now beginning to be used both in medicine and in beauty salons for skin whitening is by way of exfoliating dead cells such as products with active ingredients. Smooth skin is now a need for many people. Therefore, many skin care products offered. Not only whiten the skin or keep the humidity, but also to keep the skin smooth as a baby.
Here are some materials to help you whiten the skin naturally to always look beautiful on the eye, not only smooth but also healthy.
The fruit of this one is better known as fishy odor remover, or a mixture of food flavoring. But the real lime juice are also many benefits for health and beauty. Water that comes from the flesh of this fruit is known capable of making smaller pores and remove excess fat in oily skin types.
Benefits:To close the pores of the skin. Take the flesh of orange juice, apply on skin. Usually around the nose and cheeks pores look big. To whiten and soften the skin. Rub lime wedges on the skin of the face and other body parts.
It is said that a lot of avocado nianfaatnya especially for beauty. With science, it is evident that the avocado is rich in vitamins, minerals and natural oils. Avocados contain lots of vitamins A, C, and E, iron, potassium, niacin, pantotenik acid and protein not usually found in the fruit. All these substances are useful for the beauty and skin health.
Benefits:As a moisturizer. Take part in the avocado skin, which contain a humectant, and able to withstand moisture. Rub gently all around the face and leave for 15 minutes. After that wash the face with cold water. Do it before you sleep at night because nighttime is the right time for the skin to work. The face of the moisture makes makeup last a long time afterward.
Use of Masks and Body Scrub
The use of masks is an effort to beautify themselves with a treatment using several types of plants such as vegetables. Masks can be stressful and lubricate the skin. The use of plant products including the manufacture of masks. The skin is still a teenager should wear a mask from vegetables such as cucumber, tomato, yam, potatoes, carrots.
Yam Masks: Can whiten and remove the black marks and pigmentation in the skin.Masks Potato: Can soften and whiten the skin.Tomato Mask: It can soften and melicin

HOW TO FACE skin whitening
Perform special scrubbing treatments for the face (many are sold in stores health and beauty products) at least 1 or 2 weeks. Wear a mask according to skin type and your needs (oily, acne, dry or containing bleach and Iain). Use a sunscreen cream in the morning and afternoon and night cream that contains bleach.
But keep in mind, if the face is undergoing treatment with bleaching agents, should avoid exposure to direct sunlight because it will actually irritate the skin. Or you can also perform maintenance peels. This treatment must be careful because the skin will slough off quickly and often lead to irritation or damage to the skin when the user is not careful. Moreover if your skin type classified as sensitive. One more thing, when wearing a cream bleach should not forget the neck.
HOW THE BODY skin whiteningDo luluran or srubbing regularly (1 or 2 weeks) so that the dead skin cells causes a rough and dull skin to lift and peel. This will accelerate the turnover of skin cells lining the younger which by itself would make the surface of the skin will look fresh and radiant. Do not forget to wear sun block cream every time you go outside in the morning and afternoon, to keep skin protected from UV rays. At night wear beige sports softener (body lotion) containing bleach.

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