Jun 28, 2011

'Insidious': Rollercoaster that Make creeps

I have long not made by a horror movie chills. And 'Insidious' with hair-raising success makes me (and fur all over his hands and feet) stand. Approximately 101 minutes spectators were terrorized by the tension by tension but, oddly, makes us feel at home to survive in the movie theater.
The film, directed by Malaysia's James Wan who gave birth to the 'Saw' is a type of cinema that the more we do not know the storyline, the better the effect of the surprise hit us.
The film tells the story of the Lambert family has just moved house. There was something creepy in that house that continues mbayangi imagine anyone living there. And, please wait about 15 minutes-early scenes introduce the characters of course-and then slowly but surely we are forced to see just how scary the house.
Of goods that move by themselves, until the appearance of another creature, which not only interfere with an adult, but also their babies. Not to mention the musical score that wring feelings that accompany the scenes. The wife, Renai (Rose Byrne) is a musician who works at home while raising her three children, who first sensed things were not uncommon.
The husband, Josh (Patrick Wilson) is a teacher who was often working overtime, and as indifferent to the various peculiarities in his home. He is also a rational, who do not believe it she said. The problem, one of their son, Dalton (Ty Simpkins) curious about something and went upstairs loft, and fell. The next day, he was in a coma, up to 3 months. Doctors have given up, could not explain the cause.
So the family moved house. Josh's mother, Lorraine (Barbara Hershey), also called exorcists, Elise Reiner (Lin Shaye), and two assistants: Speck (Leigh Whannell, the writer of this screenplay, and the series 'Saw') and Tucker (Angus Sampson). Both of these hilarious characters denounce each other and degrading each other, and the "duty" to set the rhythm of "rollercoaster" is.
Is Daltond disturbed spirits? Or is it trance? What exactly happens? If we pay attention to the sharp details of all things audio visual look at the screen ("mise-en-scene"), plus if we diligently watch and understand the standard horror movie, we would be willing to guess where this film.
We will find the instructions, if we consider, the dialogues that seem unimportant (especially in the early minutes, or photos or posters on the wall, or the ticking clock sound, for example). But, was not as easy and as simple as that in 'Insidious'.
Music score ciamik, plus cinematography leading to fear, plus a story that was scary (no longer a surprise, like most horror films we) make this film not only categorized in visual-horror, but horror-narrative (the story is already scary, not only the physical form of devil). And, once again, this type of horror films that have been long out of my watch: make chills all over his body. A roller-coaster.

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